1. lousiest:

    "i love nikki minaj so much now that she dresses normal!!"


    "nicki looks so normal!!!1!"


    "i dn’t really like nicki minaj but she looks kinda good now since she looks normal!!"


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  2. lunoki:

    Dr. Lecter is truly a Renaissance man.

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  3. ravageyourmind:

    Don’t you weep, pretty baby.
    Don’t you weep, pretty baby.
    She’s long gone with the red shoes on,
    Gonna need another lovin’ baby.
    Go to sleep, little baby.
    Go to sleep, little baby.
    You and me and the Devil makes three,
    Don’t need no other lovin’ baby 

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  4. Definitely having a low spoons day, but I taught myself how to stir fry veggies and make crispy tofu, and they actually turned out delicious!! So hey, at least I have that going for myself. :)

    *pats self on back* *gives myself a hug*

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  6. sofapizza:


    3D Printing

    what a time to be alive.

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  7. disabilityhistory:

    Breaking down barriers: Russian designers present catwalk collections on disabled models at Moscow Fashion Week

    Image description: Three photos of disabled models on a catwalk: a little woman in black and white with a fierce pose, two ambulatory models high-fiving as they cross paths, and a white woman in a manual wheelchair wearing a colorful skirt.

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  8. fatsizedcoffin:


    Jackfruit- found in Asian grocery stores. Buy in brine, not syrup. Low in calories. Makes a great pulled pork substitute, chuck it in a slow cooker. 

    BBQ Jackfruit Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

    BBQ Jackfruit Sliders

    Jackfruit Tuna Melt Sandwich


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  11. entertainmentweekly:

    The ladies of Litchfield are back! Get a sneak peek at season 2 of Orange Is the New Black in this week’s issue.

    Photo credit: Ruven Afanador for EW. 

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  12. geekthegirl:

    Also, look! I got a brand new pair of glasses! They make me look even brainier… ;)

    FUCK, I miss my hair being this fucking long. Ugg, the hair-growing-out process is so annoying.


  13. chodeboy:

    björk could literally chop my head off and I’d still love her tbh

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  15. Ugg, I’m on my period and I feel so tired and totally yucky. I know I need to run errands, and I kinda wanna do something fun tonight, but I also feel really lazy and going out of my way to leave my apartment seems exhausting.

    On the plus side, I’m visiting a kitty tomorrow whom I’m hoping to adopt and I’m hanging out with friends in the evening!! :)